About Margie's Crafts

Margie has been crafting for over forty years.  She learned to knit in a community of local women who knit Aran sweaters to supplement their family incomes.  In turn, she taught knitting, sewing and paper craft to her own children, the younger generations of her family, the local school children and others from the community.  
During the 90s, she facilitated workshops for children and adults at venues around the country.  It was at this time that she learned the skill of basket making and began growing her own willow and making St. Brigid's Day Crosses.
Her passion for handmade crafts shows through, particularly, in her knitting, crochet and sewing.  She is an inspiration to all those who attend her workshops.

After two years of running a blog with the same name, Margie has begun her recent venture, Margie's Crafts, to provide craft workshops and an online store to people with a similar passion for all things handmade.  The workshops aim to foster a sense of community that is positive and holistic where inspiration and creativity can flow.

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Please contact us if you have any inquiries or queries. 
Our community blog is a place for discussions about crafting, both inside and outside the workshops.